2 Baseball Themed Activities (PLUS A FREEBIE!!)): Sequencing, Answering Questions, & Multiple Meaning Words!

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It is officially baseball season!  My students are already having Yankees vs. Mets rivalries!  I knew it was time to bring out my baseball themed activities! I have two new products available in my TpT store as well as a freebie!  Keep reading to learn more!

Baseball Sequencing:

Have fun arranging sentences to create a “story” with this fun baseball themed activity!

Using this file:
-Print and laminate the baseball sequencing visual.  You can make one for the entire group or one per student. (black and white version is included as well)

-Print and laminate the sentence sequencing cards.  Each “story” has a different graphic on it to help with sorting/prep.  Students can use the visual to place the sentences into the correct order.  (blank cards are provided for you to create and add your own sentences!)

-Score board:  If you want to make this a game.  Students can get a “home run” if they can arrange the four sentences into the correct order.  Print and laminate the score board page so it can be used with a dry erase marker.  Add students names and you are all set!  This is a great way to help collect data as well!  (black and white version is included if you wanted to quickly print and go!)

-Review worksheet:  Students must number the sentences in the correct order so that the story makes sense!

You can access this activity by clicking HERE!

Baseball Question Game:

Have fun practicing answering questions with this baseball themed activity!

Using this file:
-Use this game to work on answering questions: who, what, where, and when. (24 of each)

-Print and laminate the Question Baseball Field.

-Print and put together the baseball dice.

-Print and laminate each question card.

-Students should roll the dice and refer to the Question Baseball Field to determine which question type they must respond to.  If they roll a “strike” they have to roll again!  If they roll a “You are out!” they lose a turn!

-A score board is included if you want to keep score for students responding correctly (a fun way to collect data!).

You can access this activity by clicking HERE!
Now time for a freebie!!
Baseball Multiple Meaning Words Coloring Fun!
Students can have fun expressing the multiple meanings as they color this baseball coloring page!
2 coloring pages included!
You can grab this freebie HERE!



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