225: Using Blooket in Speech

Hey there, SLPs! Get ready for a jolt of inspiration in this episode of SLP Coffee Talk. Join Hallie as she spills the beans on her all-time favorite free tool for speech therapy – Blooket! Discover how this interactive platform can turn learning into a game and keep your older students engaged and motivated. From customizable games to real-time feedback, Blooket is the secret weapon you need in your therapy arsenal. Tune in and get ready to level up your speech sessions with Blooket!

Here’s what we learned:

  • Blooket’s various game modes, from classic quizzes to battle royales, cater to diverse student interests.
  • Understanding the science behind gamification and learning for effectively integrating Blooket into speech therapy sessions.
  • Adapting Blooket for therapy by creating games focusing on articulation, vocabulary, comprehension exercises, and other speech goals.
  • Blooket aligns with the Creative Competence Framework, prioritizing student interests, safety, and efficient planning to meet all needs.


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Q: Why is the obtuse triangle always so frustrated?

A: Because it's never right.

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00:01:28 Hallie: Welcome to SLP Coffee Talk, the podcast designed exclusively for speech-language pathologists who work with older students, grades 4 through 12. I am your host, Hallie Sherman, your SLP behind Speech Time Fun, the Speech Retreat Conference, and the SLP Elevate Membership. And I'm thrilled to bring you conversations, strategies, and insights that will give you the jolt of inspiration that you need. Whether you're tuning in during your morning commute, on a break in between sessions, or relaxation time. I am here for you each and every week. Let's do this SLPs.

00:02:09 Hallie: Hey, hey, and welcome to another episode of SLP Coffee Talk. I can't believe I'm at episode like 225 or something like that. And I've yet to have an episode talking about my all-time favorite free tools to use in my speech room. I can't believe it's taking me this long. I have talked about it on Instagram. So if you're not following me on Instagram, what are you waiting for? I share so many free therapy tools and resources out there on there as well. 

00:02:39 Hallie: But I really wanted to just… I'm going to be talking about my favorite tool, and if you have not guessed it, it is Blooket. You're probably thinking of Bamboozle or something else, or AdPuzzle. But today I'm going to be talking about Blooket, B-L-O-O-K-E-T, and it really is a great tool that has taken education by storm. It's free. You can, all you need is a Google login. Your students don't need any login themselves. Although I will say if they have their own Gmail, Google account for like Google Classroom and things like that. They might already have a login or have logged into Blooket because they might be using it in the classrooms. 

00:03:17 Hallie: Teachers are already using it and engaging their students and we can too. Most students are familiar with it, so why not incorporate it into your therapy rooms, like I get. So they do need their own devices. Most older students, my students always had their Chromebooks. Once I started learning about tools like this, I was like, you know what, you need to bring your Chromebooks to speech. We may use it, we may not use it, but bring it because I want to have the option to use Blooket as a therapy tool or a reinforcer at the end. Okay. 

00:03:47 Hallie: So what is Blooket? Blooket is an interactive platform designed to enhance learning through gamification. It allows educators and SLPs to create or choose from a variety of engaging quiz based games to facilitate learning and assessment. Blooket's unique approach combines competition, strategy, and a fun way and fun to captivate our students' attention and sustain their engagement over longer periods. Is that what you always want, guys? 

00:04:18 Hallie: We want our students to be engaged. We want their attention. We want them making progress towards their goals. So why not utilize Blooket, especially when it is free and so easy to use. Students will need their own devices, so if they have Chromebooks or iPads, this is a requirement. They don't need to have their own accounts. But like I said, my students loved logging in with their school-provided Google accounts so that they could earn Blooket Bucks, or Blooks, B-L-O-O-K-S, which allows them to get customizable features. They can buy little skins or whatever they called it. They had their Bucks to buy Blooks.

00:04:56 Hallie: And basically when they're playing the game, they can pick their different characters. There's different characters that come on a regular account, but they like to unlock and go shopping. And the benefit is by the more times they play and more times they win, they get more bucks to buy more Blooks. So it's all motivating to them. Now, granted, I'm not for having a prize bin or anything like that. I'm all about intrinsic motivation. But if this is going to motivate my students to participate and practice their skills. I am going to use it. 

00:04:18 Hallie: All right, so what are some key features of Blooket? Well, there are a variety of game modes, okay? So Blooket hosts a variety of game modes, each with its own unique set of rules and engagement strategies. From classic quizzes to battle royales, the platform offers a diverse way to present learning content and ensuring that every student finds a mode that resonates with their interests. 

00:05:56 Hallie: Again, all things that are part of my frameworks to in order to make sure our lessons are effective and engaging for our students is incorporating their interests, giving them student choice, making learning fun, all of these things you can use do with Blooket. My students' favorites were GoldQuest, where they got to unlock treasure chests for getting the questions correct. They can steal from each other which makes it completely interactive and fun. So when you get it right, there's three treasure chests. They can pick one, they don't know what's inside of it. 

00:06:25 Hallie: It could be gold, it could be stealing gold, it can be losing gold, it can be bonus gold, and whoever at the end, when the time runs out, you can select it, whether it's by time or by a certain amount of gold, but I always did by time. Usually I did like the last five minutes of a speech session, they got to play, and whoever has the most gold at the end is the winner. They also love crypto hack which is similar in that they get to like, there's like three choices to pick from, but before they play, they get to pick a password, and by getting questions correct, they get the opportunity to guess each other's passwords and then hack or steal their crypto. And whoever at the end has the most crypto is the winner. 

00:07:07 Hallie: So the fact that there's so many different game modes and Halloween time and Christmas time, there are always like the Gold quest turned into a seasonal one. So like the Halloween one, you get candy. The Christmas one, you get like presents. They always try to make it that like, oh, you can unlock it earlier if you pay. But like, let's be real, all you need it for like the week of that holiday. And it always unlocks eventually. 

00:07:32 Hallie: So that said, one of the benefits of Blooket is the variety of game modes. And again, it makes learning fun. There's diverse games that makes it, they incorporate their interests and they feel like they have student choice. And I always like to say like, hey, we can vote. And also you can incorporate social skills and like, hey, let's work together. Let's decide together what game mode are we playing today. Or you can rotate or whoever, you know, does a great job in the activity beforehand gets the opportunity to pick the game mode, whatever it might be. 

00:08:01 Hallie: All right, number two, another feature of Blooket that I love is the customization. Users can customize games with their content. They can tailor sessions to specific speech and language goals. This feature is especially beneficial for SLPs looking for different areas of focus on different goals. Okay, it doesn't take long to create games, but like let's be real, there are already a ton out there. So just go to this Discover tab, type in main idea, type in multiple-meaning words, type in our words, type in adjectives, type in context clues, type in tier two words, type in conjunctions, and so much will come out.

00:08:42 Hallie: So again, you can preview the content ahead of time so you make sure it's the right length, level, and complexity for your students. Can they handle these types of questions? I will also put the disclaimer in, some kids, students make games and it's available when you search. Just like they might be making a game for a classroom teacher, they might be learning about my own idea. Just preview it because it might have some incorrect things in there. 

00:09:09 Hallie: So always preview ahead of time, but it literally won't take long to do so, and it'll still be faster than making your own games. But you can as well if you wanna really tailor it to the unique needs of your students. So again, just preview it to make sure it's the appropriate levels, things are correct, no incorrect answers. But all you have to do is go to that Discover tab. And then you can also, when you find things you like, you can click the star button and it goes into your favorites. You can always find it again quickly and easily, and it saves you so much time for real. All right, sorry for sitting in there. All right, so I can't tell you how much I love this site. 

00:09:46 Hallie: Next feature that makes Blooket just so amazing for us as SLPs is the real-time feedback. Participants receive the immediate feedback on their responses, and it promotes a learning environment where students can quickly grasp the concepts and correct mistakes. Now granted. Here's another disclaimer. Some of my students would just click things because they just wanted to get to the reward and they didn't even want to read. They were just like click, click, click, click, click. 

00:10:13 Hallie: Sometimes you have to walk around, remind your students and build that team and expectation of like, sometimes I had to sit behind a student and read it to them because they were just not wanting to read. They wanted to just impulsively click and answer. So again, it gives them that feedback like, hey, you got it right. Hey, you got it wrong. The only negative, and if you're familiar with Kahoot, I like Kahoot because you get to choose when you move on to the next question, you're gonna have that teachable, like let's talk about this moment. 

00:10:42 Hallie: Blooket doesn't really give you that opportunity, but if you're like behind them and you're seeing how they're doing, you can get information on, okay, you know what, we need to work on this the next session. You might not be able to work on it in that moment because they're already on the next question, but it gives you information on what to do for the next one. Okay.

00:11:00 Hallie: Engagement metrics. Blooket provides the host, which is us, into the participant's performance and engagement levels and in enabling a tailored follow-up and reinforcement of learning objectives. So it gives you some information at the end of the game on how your students did on our end. And again, I would take it with a little bit of a grain of salt because sometimes our students are just playing the game and they're not really caring so much at this point, whether or not they get it right or wrong. 

00:11:28 Hallie: So I would not necessarily use this for our data collection as a only, but it gives you some information if you need a little bit more. Okay. And I wanted to share there is science behind gamification and learning. And so understanding why gamification works is actually crucial and effective in incorporating Blooket into speech. Gamification taps into the human desire for reward, competition, and achievement through elements like the points that they get, the badges that they earn, the leaderboards that they could earn to be on at the end of the game when the timer runs out, there's the first, second, and third.

00:12:07 Hallie: That leaderboard helps our students get motivated and engaged. This not only makes learning more enjoyable, but it also enhances motivation, focus, and retention of information. For secondary students who might find traditional learning methods less engaging because we all know that happens to us, Blooket's game-based approach offers a compelling alternative that speaks our students' language. 

00:12:33 Hallie: So we can use Blooket to have an impact on our students' learning and engagement. We're always looking for new ways to engage and motivate our older speech students. So why not do it with this free tool of Blooket? All you need is a Google login, and you can do this at the end of a session to review or even just reward at the end of a session. It doesn't even have to be about what you were learning about. You can do a Blooket about guess the candy, guess the anime character or whatever they are into. You can do that at the end as a reward. Okay. 

00:13:09 Hallie: Or you can do this as the entire session. Like, hey, today, you know, you guys have been working really hard. We're going to be playing blue kits to practice main idea over and over again. Why not? There is no rules, right? Again, use the Blooket as a reward at the end, like guess the candy. It has nothing to do with the goal but just for fun at the end, it's okay. Like we don't need to have rewards. We don't even need to have like your earning towards. Sometimes you guys have been working hard, let's have a little bit of fun. 

00:13:33 Hallie: The interactive and competitive nature of Blooket makes it an excellent tool for promoting active learning and participation. And research does indicate that gamified learning environments can lead to higher levels of student engagement, motivation, and even academic performance. So in the context of speech therapy, Blooket's engaging platform can be a powerful ally in practicing articulation, language development, social goals, and more. We want our sessions fun, so why not use it? 

00:14:07 Hallie: So how do we adapt Blooket for our speech therapy sessions? Well, while primarily an educational tool, Blooket's flexibility and customization options make it really easy for therapy use. SLPs, we can create games that we can, like I said, we can create our own games that focus on articulation, work on vocabulary, whatever vocabulary concepts we're working on. Maybe we're incorporating science and social studies vocabulary, they're learning in the classroom. We can use Blooket to do so, or just comprehension exercises or other speech goals that we might be working on. 

00:14:43 Hallie: By embedding their goals in Blooket's interactive games, we can foster a more engaging and motivating environment for our students, especially our secondary students, where we need to make our speech sessions feel less like work and more like play, and make learning fun for our students. If we take ourselves a little too seriously and not have a lot of fun, our students are not gonna have fun and not be motivated to work with us. 

00:15:07 Hallie: Blooket is a great tool for older speech students, and I'm telling you from an experience. Its ability to captivate and maintain our students' attention, combined with the educational benefits of the skills that are already embedded in the site, plus the gamification makes it a valuable tool for us. And by understanding its potentials, can open up just new avenues for engaging our students and achieving their therapy goals in a fun and effective way. 

00:15:38 Hallie: So if you're looking for new ways to motivate your students, new ways to incorporate gamification in your students, new ways to incorporate interest student choice or incorporating technology, definitely go check out Blooket and let me know how it goes. Again, it can be at the end of the session for like five minutes. I guarantee the majority of these students if you ask them tomorrow, hey, have you ever heard of Blooket? They probably have heard about it.

00:16:05 Hallie: Even my own child at home, my fourth grader at home, when I was looking, making some Blookets for my students, she was like, wait a minute. I do that with my teacher and she wanted to play. She wanted to learn. So why not use it with our students if it's gonna be something motivating for them and make learning fun? We want our students to enjoy learning. So why not do it with a free tool of Blooket? All right, everyone, you gotta let me know if you try it with your students and what they think. I love hearing feedback from you guys. 

00:16:39 Hallie: All right, I have a math goal for you guys. A math joke, sorry. Why is the obtuse triangle always so frustrated? Because it's never right. I thought it was appropriate. My daughter was taking a triangle math test today when I'm recording this episode. So, ba dum ching! Again, incorporating jokes and humor and fun into your speech at the sessions is all part of my creative competence framework, which is one of the three phases that is necessary for successful speech sessions so your students are crushing their goals. 

00:17:15 Hallie: Phase one is all about quick wins. How can our students, how can we have a deeper understanding of what they need and how to teach it to them and get real great using tools to figure out exactly where they are and where they're functioning are so that we can make appropriate goals and recommendations for our students, which then will help us, guide us in what to do with them and so that they make that progress. And when we have that deeper understanding, it's actually easier to write the reports, easier to write the IEPs, it all takes a lot faster. 

00:17:47 Hallie: And then phase two is all about creative competence. Yeah, creative competence, all about how can we incorporate our students' interests, make a safe environment for our students so they feel safe enough to take those risks when things get challenging to them, how they're seeking us out versus hiding and avoiding us. They are participating versus just shrugging their shoulders. 

00:18:07 Hallie: And then lastly, how can we plan our sessions in under an hour or less? And Blooket is one of those tools that you can use so you can plan quickly and easily and target a variety of goals. I'm all about how can we take one activity and adapt it to meet all the needs of the students on our caseload. We don't wanna be working individually in a group session. We wanna be working with all of the students that they're all getting value the entire time they are there. 

00:18:32 Hallie: If they're having free time playing with Kinetic Sand or just playing on their iPads while you're working with another student, if not the best use of their time? How can they learn from each other, motivate each other, engage with each other, model for each other, and have fun? So that's something I all teach inside of SLP Elevate. So if you wanted to learn more, head to slplevate.com or send me a DM on Instagram. I'm happy to answer any questions. We help you determine whether or not SLP Elevate is right for you and your students. 

00:19:01 Hallie: But if you work with grades four through 12, it is the only subscription membership out there that is not only just the materials, but the support and training you need to get your students question their goals. So head on over to slplevate.com and until next week, everyone, stay out of trouble.

00:00:19:23 Hallie: Thanks so much for tuning in to another episode of SLP Coffee Talk. It means the world to me that you're tuning in each and every week and getting the jolt of inspiration you need. You can find all of the links and information mentioned in this episode at my website, speechtimefun.com. Don't forget to follow the show so you don't miss any future episodes. And while you're there, it would mean the world to me if you would take a few seconds and leave me an honest review. See you next week with another episode full of fun and inspiration from one SLP to another. Have fun guys!