3 New Activities!

We have been SO busy in my speech room!  Trying to squeeze every creative juice before annual review season takes over my life!

A quick little vocab review I did with my students today was to review multiple meaning words (or MMW as I like to call it!).  I called it THE MMW scavenger hunt!  Students had to work together to think of the different meanings of the words presented to be able to move onto the next word.  Grab a copy of the Boardmaker pictures I used here!

For my students working on categories, I used my tin foil muffin tins for a sorting activity.  Here's a copy of the pictures I used here.

Lastly, many of my students have syntax goals.  I found this idea on Pinterest (LOVE IT) but I am NOT artistic at all.  I turned a pen/paper activity into a file folder game to teach difference between nouns and verbs.  We discussed how they were different and even acted them out.  Then students got to sort the nouns and verbs according to Noun Nick and Verb Vicky.  Get your copy here .

Happy Tuesday!!!