4 Square Writing Approach for SLPs

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Many teachers in my school use the “4 Square” approach to teaching writing.  I have been sitting in several workshops to learn more about this.  One of my personal goals for the school year is to learn more about the classroom curriculum and figure out ways for me to supplement those skills in my therapy room.  As I learn more about what the students are expected to learn and comprehend, I can easily see where my speech students would struggle.

I also see overlaps in the skills they need and their IEP goals.  I decided to create a supplemental activity pack for SLPs.  Whether your classroom teachers are using this method or not, this approach may be beneficial to your students' writing skills.  They also may still benefit from the building block skills that I have created activities to learn and practice.

This packet explains the writing strategy and how to implement the different building blocks of skills. Great way to target classroom skills in the speech therapy room. Common core aligned!
In this file:
-Topic vs. Supporting Detail Sort: Students must sort the topics into one category and the supporting details into another to recognize which is which. Then they can sort the details that go with which topic. A review worksheet is provided.

-Guess The Topic: Each card has a 4 square with the details filled in. Students must express the topic using the details provided. If they respond accurately, they can hold onto their cards. Each card has a point value. At the end of the game, students can add up their points to determine a winner. A review worksheet is provided.


-Let’s Express A Wrap-Up Sentence: On each card, a topic and three details are provided. Students must use the visual provided to express a wrap-up sentence. Once they respond accurately, they can hold onto their cards. If they pick the “lose a turn” card, they will lose a turn. The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. A review worksheet is provided.

-Transition Words Sort: Using the 4 Square visual provided, students must determine which “box” each transition word would work best in.

-Let’s Add Even More Information: Using the model on the visual provided, several worksheets are included so students can get practice adding information or specific details into each “paragraph” box or under each detail category.

-Using Vivid Language Practice: Using the model on the visual provided, students will practice writing “like what?” lists to describe the objects and events.

-Practice Writing Using a 4 Square: Two levels are included. A completed 4 Square is provided. Students must use their understanding to write a paragraph or an essay using the information provided in the graphic organizer on the lines provided.

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