219: AAC as a Busy School SLP with Cici Fritts and Candace Hayden

AAC as a Busy School SLP with Cici Fritts and Candace Hayden

Do you find AAC overwhelming? You aren’t alone! 

No need to worry though, because in this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I sat down with Cici Fritts and Candace Hayden. 

They are experts in all things technology and AAC for our speech students and they are here to help you understand how to best help your students with their communication through AAC. 

Cici Fritts has been a school-based SLP for 15 years and is now in her 4th year as an Assistive Technology Facilitator for Leander ISD outside of Austin, Texas.  She serves alongside teachers, SLPs, OTs, specialists, and many more to work collaboratively to serve students in Leander ISD.  She is passionate about AAC, digital accessibility, and Universal Design for learning.  

Candace is an Assistive Technology Specialist and certified Speech Language Pathologist. Her interests include all things technology, inclusive design, AAC, and providing worthwhile, tailored learning opportunities to parents and school staff.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Cici and Candace help educate others on AAC use in speech
  • How to embrace AAC if there are no AAC experts on your team
  • Ways to work with parents who just want their kids to talk
  • How to partner with teachers to provide more AAC support in the classroom
  • The best question to ask teachers and parents to help them get more comfortable with AAC
  • The best tools and resources for data and evaluations with AAC
  • The difference between robust language and simplified language devices

I hope you enjoyed this episode and learning about how we can better support our students with AAC along with their parents and their teachers. If you want to learn more from them, you can follow them on social media at the links below. You can also check out the Leander ISD website for more information. 

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Joke of the Week:

Q: How do you organize a solar eclipse party? 

A: You Plan-it.

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