About Me

In my first college SLP class, I fell in love.


Absolutely, head over heels in love.


My friend introduced me, and it truly was a life changing encounter. I even signed up for these intense science and anatomy classes that former me would have NEVER tried, just to spend more time with my new love.


Speech-language pathology.


Hi there! I’m Hallie Sherman, M.S. CCC-SLP, but you might know me as “Miss Speechie.” And, like you, I’m full-time in the trenches, working to keep my students engaged and progressing without burning out from all the intense prep it takes to differentiate for every student.



I’ve discovered how to make it simple yet effective by creating low-prep activities that truly work with older speech students, and now I’m devoted to helping other SLPs succeed through low prep, engaging therapy options that keep your students motivated and that keep you sane.


Tell me, as an SLP, are you:

– A bit overwhelmed at times?

– Unsure of how to translate theory into practice?

– Wanting your students motivated to learn and work on their tricky goals?

– Finding yourself on Monday morning with nothing prepped and a full caseload ahead of you?



If you answered YES to any of these questions…you are in the right place and NOT alone!


I got you.



I’ve been a licensed speech-language pathologist for the last 12 years and have seen it all. I graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2005 and received my masters in 2007 from Adelphi University.  Since then, I have worked with children from preschool to high school, in both schools and home-based agencies. I’ve been at my current New York public school district for almost a decade, handling a caseload of 65+ fifth and sixth graders every year.


What I’ve found is that both new and veteran SLPs are struggling. Our caseloads are staggering, our resources are thin, and we can’t find enough ways to reach our students. On top of that, we have to juggle everything else: bus duty, paperwork, progress meetings, PD, activities prep, and our own personal lives.


Ever see a GIF of a hamster that gets flattened on their wheel from running so fast and out of control?


That’s us.


Makes me want to just curl up with my red wine, chocolate and binge watch Bravo all night. Why work so hard for so little results?


If you’re like me, you’re incredibly passionate about what we do. Helping “our kids” reach their goals is beyond fulfilling. But there has to be a better way than that hamster wheel.

In my early years as an SLP, I met a student that changed everything for me. “K” was an older student that I just felt like I couldn’t reach. Working with him actually made me start thinking critically about WHAT I was doing and WHY. Trying new approaches, problem-solving, getting down to the root of what was really going on with him. And he started to flourish. It was amazing. I wanted all my students to have this level of success.


But here’s the catch: how can we plan for what each student needs in the moment without spending hours on individualized prep?


I started putting together fun, engaging lessons that I simply modified through my questioning as needed. Many times, I was able to use one lesson, with one prep, for an entire day.


Boom. Game changer.


Back in 2012, I realized that online resources were practically non-existent, especially for those of us with older students. You might be able to find a few cute activities here and there, but nowhere could I find low-prep, engaging activities – and more importantly, info on how to use them!



Even though I can’t draw a straight line (seriously), and am definitely not the artsy type, I started creating resources that give busy SLPs exactly what they need: low prep, effective, engaging activities that work with all students, even mixed groups.


And that’s how I became an accidental entrepreneur. I started Speech Time Fun as a hobby and stress reliever (yeah, I’m that oddball that finds lesson planning therapeutic) that’s turned into my second passion: helping SLPs like me conquer the overwhelm by giving them back hours spent prepping activities.


As I grew, I saw the impact I could make on other SLPs. I started to hear people tell me how refreshing my perspective was. I was finally someone that told them how to get beyond the theories and just do it. I decided to devote myself to growing this business to help as many SLPs as I can.


Browse through my free content, find ready-made activities in my TpT store, or check out my “anti-personal development” personal development courses to start finding your way back to a love of speech-language pathology!



Listen – you don’t need to struggle. You just need to find your stride. And I’m here to help.


– Hallie


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