Adjectives Fortune Tellers


Ever in a crafty mood and wonder how to use that in speech?!

Speech Time Fun: Adjectives Fortune Tellers

I have so many students struggling to understand and use adjectives so I created the Adjectives Fortune Tellers!

Ok!  So, we did not use these to tell a fortune!  But I remembered making this classic back when I was in school, and my students wanted to learn how to make them.  So I combined a following directions activity with a vocabulary concept!

I made a sample to show the students as they entered the therapy room.  They were SO excited!  They wanted to try it out before they got a chance to make one!  Once they understood the idea and what they were about to make, we picked out construction paper colors and started the following directions piece to fold the paper to make the fortune teller.  There are tons of websites that could teach you or provide printable instructions.  Here is one link!

As a group, we came up with a list of adjectives to write onto our fortune tellers.

Then, the students were instructed to write four adjectives on the four outside flaps.

After that, we opened it up to the inside flaps and wrote eight more adjectives.  My students had a BLAST competing for the most creative adjectives.

On the section, where you typically write a “fortune,” I decided to have my students write a sentence to elicit the person playing to come up with an adjective.  I gave them a sentence strip and then we developed a list of nouns to use.


Now it is time to play!  They each got a turn to try it out with the student next to them.  Here is how we played:

  • Pick an adjective from the outside and name something that could be described using that adjective.
  • Person holding fortune teller, moved it by spelling out that adjective (worked on spelling as well!).
  • Pick an adjective from the inside and name something that could be described using that adjective.
  • Again, teller was moved by spelling.
  • Pick another adjective from the inside.
  • Person holding teller lifted up the tab to read the sentence.
  • Partner had to think of an adjective that described that noun.

We had so much following directions, thinking of adjectives, using adjectives to describe, writing sentences, and understanding that adjectives describe nouns.

How can you use this idea in your therapy rooms?!  Feel free to share if you try it out!