Adventures of Happy Hoppy the Easter Bunny

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As I was cleaning up my therapy room at the end of the day, I was going through my Easter file to decide what I wanted to do with my students next week.  I had so many to choose from it was tough!  I have so many students working on sequencing, vocabulary, and comprehension questions.  I decided to pull out my Adventures of Happy Hoppy the Easter Bunny activity.

How do I plan to use this?  Well, it is similar concept to my activities I used for St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day (you can find them on my blog by searching on the right hand side).  However, I decided to use a different twist in this one.  I made sure to include some rhyming, spatial concepts, irregular past tense verbs and adjectives.  My goal is to expand the answers from my students.  Don't you just hate when they answer using only 1 word when you know they are capable of more!?

You can either read the story to the group or make copies for each student and have them read it a loud.  You can use the visuals to show the sequence as you go through the story.  You can model for the students the various concepts as you read by stressing and using repetition.

Now for the recall part!  Students can use the visuals to retell the story using expanded answers.  “Where were the eggs?” “Tell me more!”  You can take this activity to the next level and have the students act it out.  “Where do else could Hoppy leave eggs?”  You can lead into a conversation incorporating inferencing, predicting, and more!  Don't you love it when one activity addresses so many goals!?

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