Adventures of Lucky the Leprechaun

I love quick and easy sequencing and listening/reading comprehension activities.  So many fun ways to incorporate St. Patty's day vocabulary!  So, I created the Adventure of Lucky the Leprechaun activity.  You can either read it to your students or have them read it themselves.  You can use the visuals while you read and then have them retell the story using the visuals.  You can also just cut the pictures apart and  have the students rearrange  them and glue them onto a sentence strip or paper to demonstrate understanding of the events of the story.  My students love manipulatives and showing what they know in a hands on activity.  You can also put velcro on the back of the pieces and use with a felt board.  The ways you can use this activity is endless!  You can also ask various higher level questions such as “Why do you think the gold was the end of the rainbow?”  or “How do you think Lucky's friends will feel when they get gold?”  or “How would you feel if you lost your pot of gold like Lucky?”  You can use this to introduce or review St. Patrick's Day vocabulary.  You can do a follow up arts and craft activity when you make a pot of gold with vocabulary/articulation words on each piece of “gold.”