45: Special Birthday Episode! – Advice and Tips from Fellow SLPs

slp coffee episode 45

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this special episode and it’s finally here! December 7th is my 37th birthday. To celebrate, I wanted to do something different for this special episode. 

We’ve worked hard to gather the best tips, advice and strategies from a great group of SLPs and special education bloggers and educators. 

Since the format of this episode is a bit different, so are the notes to go along with it. We’ve included the full list of guests from this episode along with their best advice for you below. 



Michelle, Risa, and Stephanie (The NYC Speechies)Take your students on a virtual tour online that you can do together and work on their language skills

Elizabeth Sautter (Make Social Learning Stick)Make sure to take care of yourself and work on your own self care needs. You can’t pour from an empty pitcher. 

Shelby @Shelby the SLP Organize your therapy materials as you go throughout the year. Don’t leave it until the end of the school year. 

Felice Clark (The Dabbling Speechie)Organize your digital files in a Google Drive by the target area. Put all your PDF files for a certain topic into a folder and you can easily find them when you need. 

Emily St. Clair (Designing Speech Therapy)Always over-plan for your sessions. Plan an activity for every ten minutes and if you don’t get through it all, then you have a head start at the next session. 

Rebecca Reinking(Adventures in Speech Pathology)My favorite app for taking data is TX Tools or Therapy Tools by Pediastaff. It’s great for working out percentages when you are trying to do articulation. 

Abby Long (Type B SLP)One of my favorite things to do with teletherapy is to use YouTube read-aloud and put it on mute. Then, I can read the book myself to the student so we can go at our own pace. 

Claudia ( Creative Speech Lab)Use the rule of the 3 ‘M’s. Make your learning targets motivating, meaningful, and memorable. 

Rose Griffin (ABA Speech) My tip is to use the Let’s Talk Visual Conversation Boom cards in your therapy sessions. 

Desiree Rusch (SLP Talk)When practicing a target word, tell your student to “fill your hand,” which means they need to do five successful repetitions of the word. 

Kristine (Live Love Speech)My favorite activity to do during therapy is cooking. The students learn so many great things for their goals and objectives. Plus everything you make together, you get to eat! 

Sarah ( Speech Is Beautiful) For anyone doing teletherapy right now, download two different browsers. Use one exclusively for personal items and the other exclusively for work or business. It just helps to keep things separate. 

Natalie Snyders (slpnataliesnyders.com)I love to use the card game UNO because it is such a great teaching tool. You can have the students say a full sentence each time they play a card. 

Jen (My Speech Universe)My tip is to sing a song with your younger students before you start into the therapy and teaching. They love it and it helps them focus and get their wiggles out. 

Darla Gardner (Ms. Gardenia’s Speech Room)Use a consistent and predictable schedule for each of your therapy sessions. It will help students with behavior and focus. 

Jenn Alcorn (Crazy Speech World)My absolute favorite thing to do in sessions is to read picture books. It makes planning so easy! 

Denise (Speech Language Pirates) My tip is to use poly envelopes to store all of your therapy materials. 

Stacey Pfaff (My Teletherapy Room)I love to use YouTube videos in my sessions – especially videos from the Ellen Show. They are usually really funny and create a great way to engage with students while working on your goals. 

Jenna (The Speech Room News) I love using books in my therapy sessions and my best tip is to keep any retelling cards or notes inside the cover of the book. Use a library pocket and put them inside so you have easy access to the things you need for that book. 

Lindsey (Speechy Things)My tip would be to incorporate the special interests or passions of your students into your therapy sessions. Whatever it is that they like – do your best to incorporate it. 

Lacy (Speech in the Sand)My tip is to use clear post-it notes in sessions. You can stick the post-it right into the page of a book to highlight vocabulary words. 

Maureen (The Speech Bubble SLP)Use my organizational tip to save yourself hundreds of file folders. Instead of writing a student’s name directly on the folder, use a piece of washi tape and stick that to the label section to put the name on. That way, when the student graduates or moves on you can just take the tape off and re-use the folder. 

Kristin (KI Speech Therapy)Get your kids up and moving during sessions. For example, you can move from a therapy table to the carpet or just walk around the room. 


slp coffee talk episode 45

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