Ants In Our Pants

My students have been ranting and raving about our “monster pockets” activity and wants to keep playing it over and over!  Well, that's going to get old fast!

I created a similar gave with new graphics and a new skill target, answering wh- questions by recalling details from a short paragraph.  Introducing…ANTS IN OUR PANTS!  Each student got a pair of “pants”.  They chose an “ant” out of the bucket and either read the short paragraph or listened as I read (depending on their level).  If they were able to answer the questions by using their recalling strategies (listening for key words, repeating them to themselves, thinking about the main idea to help them recall), they got to put the ant in their pants (HA!).  But they had to watch out for the fly swatters and bug spray!!  If they selected those cards, they had to remove all their ants and start over (BOO!).  Grab your copy here!