Apraxia Parking Lot!!

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Do you have students with Apraxia on your caseload?  Are you tired of coming up with new ideas to keep them motivated, engaged, and still working on their sound productions?  It is so important for students to work on functional syllable productions.  Why?  Helps with motivation and carryover!  It also helps with pre-literacy skills!  So…..get excited…introducing..Apraxia Parking Lot!

What does this fun, transportation themed activity include and how do you use it?!

-Functional syllable words used with picture visuals.

-Blank cars are provided so you can create your own CV, VC, CVC, etc.

-Students can place the cars/vehicles containing these syllables into the parking spaces provided to work on combining syllables.  Flags are provided so students know where to “park” their cars.

-You chose how to use!  Can have students move the same syllable into all 3 spaces to practice the same syllable combined (i.e. “moo-moo-moo”) or mix them for random syllable combinations (i.e. moo-pa-bye”).

-A different vehicle is used to represent the different sounds targeted for easy sorting.

-Parking lots for 2, 3, and 4 syllable combinations provided.

-Multisyllabic functional words provided as well.  Students can tap out the spots in the parking lot representing the amount of syllables.  The amount of syllables/taps required are represented with “steering wheel” visuals.

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