Are you ready for some football?!?!

You can't avoid it, you see commericals, signs, talking everywhere…the Super Bowl is on it's way!  My students LOVE sports and if it's motivating I use it!

I have included in this post 3 different activities for different levels and goals.

I have used my “Football Sentences” worksheet as a review of football vocabulary using cloze sentences.  I have even cut up the worksheet to make it interactive and gave each student one sentence.  They had to work together to complete each sentence using the vocabulary choices.

You can grab this worksheet  here.
Next, I created a writing activity where the students can draw and write about if they were in the Super Bowl.  Grab it here!
And last but not least, I have added a spatial concepts/following directions activity.  You can laminate it and have the students velcro the footballs accordingly or you can print a copy for each student and have them glue the footballs on. Grab it here!
Go Giants!!!