Articulation Guess Who!


I had to take a break from making Halloween themed materials (sorry, more again REAL soon)!  I have several students on my caseload this year which have carryover articulation goals.  Sometimes it can be difficult to “plan” for this type of goal and I often find myself using conversational activities to do so.

While working with one of these students, he requested to play “Guess Who.”  At that moment, I wished I had a way to make all the pictures have his target sound(s).  The wheels started turning, and DONE, it was created!  Now it is available for you!!

I created the red, blue, and yellow cards that can go with the popular Guess Who game.  I used Google Images and the clip art from Microsoft Office to create the faces for the game.  There are 10 versions of this game included in the pack.



Sounds included:
all positions

–/th/ all

and /s/ blends in the initial position

–/sh/ in
all positions

and /f/ clusters in all positions

in all positions

in all positions

in all positions

in the initial position

–/ch/ in
all positions
pages to create your own!

You may notice some pictures are of celebrities (common to you and/or your students).  I did this for several reasons.  It can help with motivation, can elicit conversation, and can help turn into follow-up activities.  Can your students name all characters on the game that are real and fiction?  Can your students determine which are names the actors played or their real names?  You may also notice that there are some cartoon characters which can help create other questions to ask while playing.

How to use this activity?  You can decide to print and laminate all or just the few sounds you need right away.  I am aware that all versions are different and has different sizes.  I tried to make all pictures with a border that you may cut down if necessary.  I used fun tack/poster attachment material but you can also insert them into the card holders.  I avoided tape because I didn't want to ruin the original game.

I took small pieces of tack and placed it on the back of the pictures and attached it to the top of the card holder.  Now, don't forget, you may want to glue the yellow cards onto construction paper before laminating so they are not see threw.  I forgot and had to decorate the back with stickers!  Oops!

I will warn you this activity may be tedious to set up but it is worth it!

Guess Who can be a difficult game for some, so you may want to display carrier phrases or sample questions on a dry erase board to help your students.  The only negative with this activity is the fact that it is only a two person game.  I like to make teams in my room when there are more students to allow more to play!

So there you have it, now I can use Guess Who to target articulation goals, especially those working towards the conversational level and generalization.  This activity was a hit today when I introduced it into my speech room.

This activity is available at my TpT Store.  I hope you love it as much as I do!