Back to School 2015: SLP Room Set Up!

I have been sharing sneak peeks of my SLP room on Instagram lately. I decided to put together a blog post with some more peeks and information about it. I have moved into a smaller room this year and finding homes for everything was a bit challenging…but it is coming together! It is still a work in progress!

So…like I said, I moved into a smaller room. Here is a view of my new room covered in the boxes I packed back in June.

I shared a picture on Instagram over the summer of my 2 new bookshelves I got from the storage room in my building. They needed a little TLC but you cannot tell from the picture above how gross they were beforehand! With the help of these two bookcases for storage…..

Everything had a home, floor was cleared, and desk can be found. What else did I add to the mix to help with lack of storage? I got a table skirt from a party store (but can also be found on Amazon). Can you see it in the photo above under the computer? By using this table skirt, I can hide bins and other junk that I cannot find a home for!! Now everything has been cleared away, the walls are looking a little bare now, although the blue is nice still, I think it could be time to look at getting some sort of mural wallpaper that's attractive but not overly distracting too!

Do you also see on my bookcase my toolbox? Love all of the inspiration found on Pinterest for that bad boy! Now, all of my binder rings, staples, paper clips, and other necessities are right there and easy to grab!

What else did I do to set up?? I created new book bin labels and labels for my filing cabinet. Lack of space = must be more organized!!

I just added a piece of Velcro to my filing cabinets and book bins this way I can easily change it up if needed! Plus, I scanned my documents using FilecenterDMS to help myself remove a bunch of items I didn't need stored in there anymore whilst keeping them backed up on my computer and on the Cloud. I can access them really easily now!

I had a GROSS/OLD chalkboard on my wall. With some bulletin board paper, borders from Amazon, and Natalie Snyder's “I can…” posters...

I added an “evidence” sign I found on TpT (similar one found HERE and HERE) and my bunting banner to complete the masterpiece!

I also finally hung up my new behavior clothespin system. I put my smiley faces behind my chairs so students won't be distracted.

And last but not least, I added some flare to my desk with a new file folder holder and cute file folders that I found at Home Goods.

I plan to use these desktop file folders for “to be photocopied” and “to be laminated” and other desktop items.

I have more decor still to be hung up and I will share those on Instagram as I get to it! Like I said, although this is a TINY room, it needs a lot of work. And I won't stop until I have achieved my vision of making it look as good as it can. I'm still trying to decide what I want to include in terms of my wall art, and many of my friends have suggested that I look on sites like Neon Mama to find different lighting options that can help to spread joy, something that I might need at the end of a hard day's work.

Of course, thinking about wall art is just one of many things that I need to think about. But when I think about it, these items can be included later on, as I have all the most important features added already, which is good because I will be spending TONS of time in there! I am determined to be more organized and I am hoping my systems in place will allow me to be! I also want my room to be inviting to my students. I want them to want to come and will ignore the lack of space (or circulation of air).

Keep sharing your rooms on Instagram and Facebook…I check them all and LOVE the creativity flying around!!