Back to School Wh- Game Board

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I still have another 3-4 weeks left of summer but I know some of you are coming close to that back to school season.  I want to try and post back to school ideas to help get you prepared!  Since my game boards have been popular in the past, I created one with the back to school theme!  Not only will these questions work on increasing utterance length and distinguishing between question forms, but it will also work on school vocabulary and elicit conversation.

Grab your copy of this game board here!  As I have stated in the past, I always glue these game boards onto a file folder and laminate.  I also like to add visuals for the different wh- question forms onto the file folder.  I always keep a stash of game pawns in my desk for game boards I create or find online to print.  I hope you find this printable useful as you plan to return to school.

What other activities would you like to see?  Do you have a great idea you would love to share?!  Feel free to comment!!  I would love to hear some of your ideas!


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