Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks! Companion Pack!


Have you heard about the book, Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks!; The Story of the Three Bears as Told by Baby Bear (Other Side of the Story) by Nancy Loewen??  This book is ADORABLE!!  It is a great way for teaching compare/contrast and perspective!  If you are not familiar with this book, I definitely recommend checking it out!

In this activity pack:
-Sequencing Sentences:  Students can use to retell the story.  Have them place the sentences into the correct order to retell the story.
-New Vocabulary Match:  Students can play memory matching games by matching new vocabulary words from the story with its definition.
-Comprehension Questions Game:  Questions based on the story.  Use with the board game provided.
-Compare & Contrast: Students can use the Venn Diagram to compare this version of Goldilocks & the original story.  You can decide whether to just provide students with a copy of the diagram and have them write in their answers or use the sorting sentences and have your students place them into the correct spot on the Venn Diagram.
-What Would They Say?:  A variety of scenarios is provided with speech bubbles.  Students should write what they think the characters would day.
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