Boris Ate A Thesaurus Storybook Companion Pack!

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Have you heard of the adorable book, Boris Ate A Thesaurus by Neil Stevgen Klayman?  If not, I definitely recommend clicking the link and checking it out!

It is great to introduce new synonyms in a fun and motivating way.  I decided to create a companion pack this way you can have ready to go activities to use with this amazing book!

In this file:
-Comprehension Questions Game:  Use the board game provided while answering the questions provided.

-Student Thesaurus:  Pages are provided for students to create their own thesauruses using the vocabulary words from the book.

-Synonym Review Game:  Students will pick a card and express a synonym of the word selected using their “student thesauruses” and their recall from the story read.  Once they respond accurately, they are able to hold onto their card.  If they pick the card “Munch Munch” they will lose a turn!  The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!

You can have access to this companion pack by visiting my TpT store HERE!Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.