Building Vocabulary with Cops and Robbers!

Many have requested more activity packs that address multiple skills.  I know many are also looking for more higher vocabulary skills to address.  Introducing, “Building Vocabulary with Cops and Robbers.”

Multiple Meaning Words Card Game:  Students will pick a card and determine the meaning of the underlined word.  Can they express the correct meaning?  (Bonus: Can they express the other meaning and use it in a sentence?)  But watch out for the cards with the robbers!  If this card is selected, the student must give their cards back!  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner!

Parts of Speech sort:  This activity works on practicing nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  All you have to do is laminate the sorting page and the cards.  Students can practice learning parts of speech and expanding vocabulary with this categorization practice.


Similarities & Differences: Students can practice comparing and contrasting with these cards.  There is a visual provided in the file to help with expanding utterances while responding and also help with recalling the concept of “same” and “different.”  You can use these cards with any motivating game or activity.  Students must express how the two items on the cards are the same and different.


I hope you can find these materials fun and useful for your therapy rooms.  This activity pack is available at my TpT store!