Butterfly EET Sort!

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We have been going EET CrAzY in my speech room lately!  I am loving it and my students are doing so well with it!  I cannot stop pulling out ideas and creating new ones!  I know many of you are asking for more activities to practice using EET!  Don't know what EET is click here to visit their website and here to see my previous post about it!

I created a fun activity to help students learn how to respond to each of the “beads” on the EET!

Using this activity:
-Print and laminate the butterfly EET sort mat.

-Print and laminate the answer circles.
-Sort the circles into the correct spot on the butterfly to which EET “bead” it would answer for.
-12 objects are provided (different colored circles used to help discriminate between them).    See below, there are 8 yellow circles: 1 with the object and 7 that represent the answers for the EET.  Students can place those answers on the corresponding spot on the butterfly!  This will help students comprehend what is expended of them for each “bead!”

-Then there are extra objects (black outline) provided to practice describing without choices.

-Other activities: Give students all of the descriptions and have them guess the objects!  You can use the circles as choices!

-Review descriptions worksheet:  Each “bonus fact” or “what else” description is provided,  students must write which object they think it is describing.  Two versions are provided, one with a word bank and one without!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!