Chrome Extension: Edpuzzle for SLPs

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Do you like using Edpuzzle as much as I do and want to learn about a free chrome extension that will allow you to use it even more in your speech room?

If you have been following me for a while, then you know I love Edpuzzle. Edpuzzle is a free tool that is available with a Google account and it allows you to use YouTube videos and turn them into quizzes that you only have to prep once. It allows you to work on any goal without having to use a text. Instead, you can use videos such as commercials, Pixar short films and anything else you may find on YouTube. Using Edpuzzle allows you to create a quiz that pauses the video at the moment you choose and prompts the students with a question that you set.

Here is an example of how I use Mariza the Stubborn Donkey to work on inferential questions. When you pull up an Edpuzzle that you’ve made you will be able to see all the little dots beside the play button that shows where the video will pause to ask the students a question.

The first time my video pauses to ask the question, the question “What do you think just happened?” pops up to the side of the video. This feature is so nice because I don’t have to focus my attention on remembering where to pause the video and what question to ask. I already did it once and then it’s done. By having all the pausing and question asking done for me ahead of time, it allows me to do things like focus on behavior management or taking data collection and other things I have to do in my sessions.

I love this tool for so many reasons! I love that you only have to prep a video once and you can use it for countless sessions with countless students afterwards. Also, my students are very motivated by YouTube so it makes speech fun and engaging for them. It also takes the overwhelm out of making students read a text and gives them a fun way to work on goals such as comprehension.

One of the questions I often get asked is “What do you need to do to access this extension?”

All you have to do is search Edpuzzle Chrome Extension in your browser and it will pull it up so that you can download it. Then whenever you are using the chrome browser you can pull up YouTube and search for the video you want to use. When you pull up the video, you will see below the title of the video a little box that says “Edit with Edpuzzle”. Click on that button and it will pull up the video in your Edpuzzle so that you can insert your questions wherever you want.

This chrome extension has saved me so much time and it has opened the possibilities up of videos that I can use in my speech sessions. With this extension, you are not limited to just the videos that are already on Edpuzzle. You can import any video and make it what you want for your students.

Want to learn more? Check out the video and the resources I mentioned for engaging, no-prep and low-prep activities to use with your students this week!

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