Common Core Vocabulary Pack: Grades 5-8!

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My common core vocabulary pack for grades K-4 has been a huge hit!  Now it is available for grades 5-8!!  It follows the same format!

In this file:

-Vocabulary divided by grade levels and entire word list is provided for your reference.  For each grade level:

-Vocabulary Matching Cards:  Vocabulary taken from the common core websites, each word is on a card and its definition is on another.  Use these cards to teach, drill, review, and for memory matching games.

-Auditory Closure Task Cards:  Students must read or hear the cloze sentences and must determine the vocabulary word to complete the sentences.  Use the vocabulary from the matching cards if you need to give the students choices.  Use with any motivating game or activity.  Answer key is provided.

-Blank cards are provided to create your own vocabulary!

Grab this download HERE!!  I hope you find it useful for teaching and preparing your students for the common core world!