Compare & Contrast for Older Students!


Since my “Go Together Pack for Older Students” has been a huge hit and many of you have requested more materials like that, I created a fun compare/contrast activity pack for older elementary/middle school.  It could also be used with some high school groups as well.

In this file:

-Visuals to display when working on each skill

-Card game to practice comparing and contrasting.  Students will use the visual to provide complete sentences as they respond.
You can use these cards with any motivating game or activity!

-Card game to practice discriminating between pairs of synonyms and antonyms.  Students will pick a card and express their responses using complete sentences.  They may use the visual provided to assist them.  You can use these cards with any motivating game or activity!  Vocabulary selected from common core vocabulary lists grades 6 and older.

-Compare/Contrast Story Comprehension:  Two stories have been provided.  Within each story, the characters can be compared/contrasted.  A Venn Diagram has been provided to use to compare the characters within each story and to compare the two stories to each other.  Question cards have been provided to use to assess comprehension and ability to express similarities and differences.  These question cards use the format of the common core standards and state expectations of students.


I hope you find this activity pack useful and motivating for your older students!!  You can access this download HERE!