Comprehension Flapbook!

Am I the only one still teaching?!  Well either you are also still teaching, preparing for summer school, planning for next year or nothing at all!  Well, if you are planning or thinking, here is a quick and simple way to put together a reading or listening comprehension activity.

I felt this was the best way to address multiple skills and strategies all at once!!  I chose to use the fable “The Hare and the Tortoise.”  You can grab a copy of the story that here!

First, I took a file folder!

Then I folded each side in towards the crease.

I glued the story on the reverse side.  I used a graphic organizer for one flap and a wh- visual strip for the other.  You can grab the graphic organizer I used by cutting it up to fit here!  I “borrowed” the wh- strip from SpeechRoomNews.  You can grab it here!

On the inside, in the center I glued a vocabulary word matching worksheet.  On the right side you will see some higher level questions to ask and answer.  You can grab the worksheet I created for this part here!  Last, I cut an envelope to glue onto the other side.  The envelope is labeled “story retelling cards.”  I laminated pictures that went along with the story for students to use to retell.  You can grab the pictures I used here!  Finally, now that the entire flapbook is put together, I put it through the laminator, used a box cutter to cut slit into the envelope, and it is done!  Students can now write on the graphic organizer and vocabulary worksheet and it is erasable.  Now you have an activity to use with a story that targets multiple goals!

Have you used flapbooks?!  How have you used them?!