Context Clues Detectives!

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I have been working hard to teach my students how to use context clues the last few weeks.  I find the hardest part for my students is to figure out how they developed their answers!  I decided to create an activity to teach help teach them just that!

Using this activity:
-Cards are broken down into 4 different clue types.

-You can work on each clue one at a time or mix them all together and have students identify the type of clue given.

-Visuals are provided as the divider for each clue card section.

-You can use these cards with any motivating game or activity.

-The same graphic is used on the visual/clue type page and the cards that go with it to make it easier for you to grab and use.

-Review worksheets are provided.

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!