Cupcake Listening for WH- Questions!

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Do you have students working on their listening skills!?  Do you have students working on answering wh- questions??  How about asking or answering questions based on information heard or read!?  This new activity is for you!!  I finally put together an activity incorporating my favorite strategies for these goals!  I am all about providing students with strategies so they can be successful and carryover these skills using learned strategies into their classrooms.

What strategies will be used in this activity?

  • visual aids
  • note-taking
  • graphic organizers
  • focusing and narrowing down what to listening for by understanding what is being expected from them
  • predicting what the questions will be
  • previewing questions before listening/reading
  • asking for repetition or clarification if needed!
In this activity:


-Visual aid to help students focus on what to listen for.
-Graphic organizer to help students know what to listen for while listening to passages.  You can make photocopies or laminate to make them dry erase.
-Stimulus cards (30 total):  Read the passages to your students.  Have them listen for the wh- questions using their visual and/or the graphic organizer provided.  Then students can express as many details as possible to answer wh- questions. Use the visual questions provided as a general guide on questions that can  be asked with the stimulus cards.  You can even have your students come up with questions themselves!  Can they predict what kind of questions can be asked?  Can they quiz each other?  You can use the stimulus cards with any motivating game/activity as a reinforcer.
You can also use the score/data sheet provided to tally up how many details based on wh- questions students can recall & express.  This will also allow you to assess if there are patterns such as specific question types your students are having difficulty with.
-Review worksheet: A passage is provided.  Students can use the graphic organizer with the passage on the worksheet to organize their thoughts.  A variety of wh- questions are provided for them to answer based on the passage provided.
-Review worksheet:  A passage is provided.  Students will have the opportunity to write questions for each wh- question type based on the story.  They can use their visual aid and graphic organizer to guide them.
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