Cute Artic Crafts!

I am not crafty and don't claim to be!  I need stencils and designs to put together simple crafts for my students!  But I do love making fun crafts when working on artic sounds.  It is a great way to work on sounds in isolation, or any other level.  You can write words on pieces or just have student say sound as they put each piece together.

I have created a list of websites that I have used to find fun and easy crafts for students.  I cannot take credit for them!  I just find them helpful for those lacking in artistic skills like myself!  You can use them to work on following directions, sequencing, or articulation sounds.  I hope you find it useful as you plan for the new school year or to finish summer school!

Ice Cream Paper Craft  Great for /k/
Kite Paper Craft  Great for /k/
Snake Paper Craft  Great for /s/ and clusters
Simple Origami Fox  Great for /f/
Fish Paper Plate Craft  Great for /f/ or final /sh/
I hope you find this list useful.  Did I forget anything good?  Leave a comment!  I would love to hear your suggestions!