Dear Summer 2015,

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The new school year is around the corner (and for many of you around the country, it is already here). Makes me reflect on the time that I had off and away from work.

Thank you summer for giving me time to spend with my daughter. It was amazing being a part of her day, all day, every day. I got to take her to classes, play all day, and go to the pool and beach with her. I feel so fortunate to have this time to spend with her. There are so many women that do not get a summer off to do this.

Thank you summer for giving me time to refresh and step away from the stresses of working in a school environment. Let's be honest, working in a field with 90% of women can be stressful and challenging. It can also be stressful working with difficult parents or students. I feel refreshed from time away and I got to reflect on past experiences and made some plans on how to change things for next year.

Thank you summer for providing weeks of sunshine so that I was able to transform my backyard into a livable space that my daughter and I could enjoy for hours. We were able to install composite decking so that we could have BBQ's, have a paddling pool, and even sit and watch the wildlife surround the various flowers we had planted. Whilst some of these wildlife species were fine, others were beginning to become nuisances to the flowers. Eventually, we were recommended to visit to see if they could help us to remove these insects. Thankfully, the insects seem to have disappeared now and we have enjoyed spending more time outdoors. The sun also meant I could wear flip flops and sunglasses and visit the park, go wine tasting, and even stroll along the boardwalk. We took advantage of the lovely weather all day, every day.

Thank you summer for giving me time to be creative and create more for my TpT store. I loved that I was able to be productive and have time to do something that I love to do. I had time to read TONS of tutorials and learn some new tricks and tips. I gave makeovers to TONS of my old products. I am so proud of what I accomplished.

Due to the summer sun, we did spend quite a bit of time indoors to avoid any heat-related illnesses. Luckily, my friend had told me beforehand that it would be extremely hot this summer, so she suggested that I look into purchasing an AC to make sure we could keep the house cool. That was a good suggestion. It's been so hot this summer, so we've been inside in our cool home. That allowed me to get some work done inside the house. We've even considered reaching out to professional electricians, like those at SALT Light & Electric, to help us install some ceiling fans to keep our home cool and to circulate the air. They also double up as lights which is useful too!

Thank you summer for giving me time to organize my home and my life! I got to go through my closets/drawers and refold and take clothes out that are older and I no longer wear. I got to go through my daughter's closet and pack up her clothes that are too small. I even got to start buying her fall wardrobe! I organized my home filing cabinet. I got to look a new cars. I even got to plan and book a trip to ASHA 2015!

I have one more full week left and I am going to soak in all of the sun, fun, and time with my daughter I can! xoxo