Describing Superheroes!

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Use this fun superhero themed activity to work on describing and building vocabulary.

In this file:

-Match the adjectives to the nouns it can describe.

-Sentence strip to use when describing.

-Adjective synonyms:  Board game is provided.  Students must express a synonym for the adjectives provided in order to take a turn.


-What is it made of?  Students must sort the nouns provided to the material it is made out of.

-Compare/Contrast:  Students must express how the items provided are the same and different.  Once they respond accurately, they can hold onto their card.  If they get the “lose a turn” card, they lose a turn.  Student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

-Sentence strip to use when comparing and contrasting.

-Describing Fun:  Visual is provided to assist students. Students will pick a card.  A word will be provided for them to describe.  Students should be encouraged to use the visual provided.  For each description stated, they will get a point.  At the end, the student with the most points is the winner!

Grab this download HERE!