Diary of an SLP Mommy: Share don’t compare!

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I hope you enjoyed my previous diary post.  Today's post will be just a little vent/reminder I have to myself often….share don't compare!

Over the course of the next several blog posts on this topic, I will often refer to “mommy friends.”  In my experience over the year+ I have been a mommy, especially a working mommy, it has been SO beneficial to find mommy friends, especially ones that live in my area and are working mothers (benefit that they also work in the schools).

Why do I find this so important?  Adult interaction!  As SLPs, yes we go to work, but we work with kids!  So when I am working and stepping out of mommy mode, I am still interacting mainly with children.  It is so nice to interact with other mommies and teacher mommies after school and on weekends.

I have developed a great group of mommies that help me realize I'm not alone, get feedback and suggestions from, and just get together at parks and play groups.

While it is so nice to be around other mommies and babies, it makes it so difficult not to compare.

  • Why is that child talking and mine isn't?
  • Why is that child walking and mine isn't?
  • That child can imitate words…mine can't.
  • That child will eat ____ but mine won't!
  • That child slept through  the night at ____ months but mine doesn't.
  • and so much more!
It is natural!  We are woman!  We are mommies and SLP mommies!  We know too much sometimes and it can be our downfall!  I always have to sit back and remind myself…
What do I mean by this?  It is so important to remind myself that it is great to share stories and ask/give feedback on sippy cups, food brands, etc.  But don't compare!  We know more than anyone there are ranges in developmental milestones.  Every child is different.  As long as they get there, does it matter how?  OK when I saw one of my mommy friend's kid verbalizing in 2-word utterances, my heart skipped a beat!  Not gonna lie!  But then I realized OK this kid was early with all of his milestones, DON'T COMPARE!
Have you felt this way?  Have you had to remind yourself too of this?  I know this is just the beginning of my journey and I will have a lot more moments like this in my future.  And guess what?  I CAN'T WAIT!!