Diary of an SLP Mommy: Trying not to be “that mom”

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“That mom”…what does that mean to you?  That worried mom?  That know-it-all mom?  That comparing mom?  Whichever one you are or one you are worried you might become, they are all normal feelings…I have learned!

So which mom am I trying not to be…all the above!!

I know I should not worry…but I do!  And I don't mean the normal “mom” stuff…but the SLP mom stuff!!  “Why isn't my child not talking like the others?” “Why are the other children able to imitate animal sounds and mine isn't?” “Should I be teaching my child sign language?”

Am I a know-it-all mom?  NO WAY!!  Trust me..I am still struggling with a lot of factors…why won't my child eat what other kids eat?  What are the best toys to expose my child to?  But I do worry…do I know too much about speech/language/development!  Friends are always asking me and I always respond…there are ranges for a reason…if you are concerned speak with your pediatrician!  I don't want to be “that mom!” or “that friend.”

And with the comparing factor…if you read my block post about share don't compare…you got to understand my feelings on that issue.

What does “that mom” mean to you?  Does it means something else because you are SLP?  Do you find yourself having different concerns or thoughts because of your educational background and work experience?  How do you prevent yourself from becoming “that mom?”

I try to expose my child to all the “background experiences” I know they need, I read, I label allllllllllllll day “dog” “book” “cookie,” I am always looking for new toys that can promote language and development, I just always wonder could I do more?  Is it enough?  I have signed my child up for baby classes like music to try and be “social” but what else can I do?!  I know it is normal to think this way….but I cannot help it!  I am a mom but I am also an SLP!