DIY Snowman Fun!!

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Are you looking for a quick and easy idea to target TONS of language skills all in one?!?!!?  Grab a piece of paper, a marker and some crayons and you are ready to go!!

Before my students arrived, I drew the three balls of snow so it looked like a snowman on a piece of paper.  I also added the cloze sentence strip on the top.  My students still need this assistance in order to produce complete answers.

What could be addressed with this simple activity?

  • Snowman vocabulary: what parts does the snowman need?
  • Following directions: “draw a scarf on the snowman” “draw three blue buttons on the snowman” You can EASILY make the directions as simple or complex as you need!  Multiple students at different levels?  Give each one different directions, they won't even notice that some are more difficult!
  • Prepositions:  I was targeting the concept “on” with this task but you can work on any concept!!  You can have the students draw the pieces or you can do it for them…”where's the ___?”
  • Answering questions: “What goes on the head?” “Where's the hat?” “When do you build a snowman?” “Why is the snowman wearing a scarf?”
  • Describing:  students can decorate their snowman and tell you what they did using adjectives, colors, locations, parts, functions, and more!
This fun and easy activity can be used with multiple groups or groups with multiple goals!  It is cheap, quick preparation, and can be easily adapted!  How will you use this idea?!