DIY with Paint Chips!


Do you like free like me??  I recently drove past a paint store and decided to go in and grab some free paint chip samples.  I knew I would find some uses for them!  I have some time before my school year starts so I figured I would create as I came up with the ideas!  I have some ideas to share and you can see how I brought one of them to life!


The paint chips came in tons of sizes and color schemes.  I took a variety to save myself a trip back there so quickly!  I realized right away, these will be great for sorting activities!  I used my Boardmaker and quickly assembled a sorting activity with school vocabulary and prepositions.  I was able to cover up all of the paint color names too!  My favorite is the sentence strip attached to the top.  This makes it easy to use, encourage expanded and complete utterances and can use this over and over with different themed vocabulary!

How else do I plan to use these strips?

  • Teaching sentence structure.  I will write (or type and glue onto) a part of a sentence in each slot.  Students must sort or develop on own words to create a complete sentence using the model and visual.
  • Describing: holding the strips vertically, write the different describing cues onto each slot.  Give students words to describe and they can hold their own describing visuals/manipulatives.
  • Color sorting fun
  • Following directions: take different images or objects.  Give students verbal directives such as “put the car on the blue.”  You can write numbers or put shapes on each section to make the directions even more complicated!
  • Phoneme segmentation and blending activities.
  • And so much more!!
Have you used these paint chip strips in your therapy rooms?!  How so?!  Leave a comment and share!!!