EET Activities

After learning about EET (Expanding Expression Tool) through Pinterest and my fellow bloggers, I realized how perfect it would be for my students with word finding difficulties.  Like some of you, my district is broke and cannot purchase the kit, so I hit up Michael's craft store and modified accordingly!  I cannot take credit for this idea, I did see it on Pinterest!

I used craft beads that I got for like $2 and yarn I “borrowed” from the art teacher.  I attached it to a Boardmaker display to show what each color represents.

To introduce this strategy, I showed my students a variety of pictures.  I used PowerPoint but you can probably take the pictures and use them on a flashcard app for the IPad.  Grab it here!

We then played a BINGO game using pictures which their names may or may not be familiar to them.  In order to put their BINGO chip on the picture, they my expand their vocabulary using this strategy.  If they were able to go through all of the beads and was still unable to come up with the label for the item, I either gave them phonemic cues or choices.  However, my students worked together and they came up with their names after they went through each bead.  Grab BINGO here!

We had so much fun using this new manipulative and strategy!  Can't wait to think or find other activities to use with it!!!