Electrokite App Reviews and Giveaways!

Since our Slam Dunk Grammar app giveaway was such a hit, the generous people over at Electrokite provided codes for 2 more apps: Carnival Grammar: Your & You're and Subjects & Predicates!  Both are great for SLPs working on grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure!  Just note these apps are only for the iPad currently!  Let's learn more about them!

Carnival Grammar:


Like all their other apps, they were originally created for use for an interactive white board.  The symbols on the bottom of the app remind me of that purpose!  They all follow the same structure: introduction/visuals, review using cloze sentences, then practice with writing.




As you can see, this whole app follows a carnival theme which is adorable!  By clicking the “robot” button, your students will be presented with directions on how to complete the task on the page.  To get to the next cloze sentence, just push the arrows.  To try again for incorrect responses, just push the refresh button in the “language arts” section of the toolbar.
Ways to use the spin and write: You can give your students the word and they must use it in a sentence, you can write your own cloze sentences for them to complete, they can spin the spinner to get the word they must use, or they can spin and make the other students guess which word goes in the cloze sentence they wrote.  You can take screen shots to save and print for great work!

Things I like:
-the cute carnival theme
-the cloze sentences for practice
-easy to use and navigate
-can always press the key button for visuals when students forget the strategy
-great for drilling in a fun and motivating way
-great price of $0.99!

Things I would like to see in an update:
-Ways to collect data from the cloze sentences to assess progress
-Multi-user functions
-Audio presentation of sentences option for poor readers

Want to learn more?  Visit iTunes!

Subjects & Predicates:

This app is similar with the tool bar on the bottom for easy navigating.  It teaches to two parts of simple sentences.  It helps students recognize and practice in a fun and motivating way!

When you click the light bulb, your students are presented with a short video clip to introduce the concept and strategy.  It has a cute rocket ship animation to help entertain and keep focus.

Onto the drilling practice:

Students are presented with a sentence and they must determine if the underlined part is a subject and predicate.  They must click accordingly.  If correct they are told so and can click the arrow on the toolbar to move on.  Benefit of having to press to move on, you are given time for instruction and review.  “How did you know?”  “What helped you determine your response?”  If incorrect, students are told and when ready can click refresh to try again.  Benefit again, you are given time to review and discuss!

When you click the paint tab, students are brought to this page!  They drag these subjects and predicates to create their own silly sentences.  Did they use both parts?  How did they know?!  Remember, they can always click the “key” icon to get a visual reminder of the concepts and strategy!  It is great for students to recognize when they need help and reminders!  This helps them become advocates for their learning needs!

Things I like:
-Great price, $0.99
-Great for drilling
-Time for discussions and review
-Fun and motivating
-Easy to use and navigate

Things I would like to see:
-multi-user functions
-score keeping/data collection

Want to learn more?  Visit iTunes!

Onto the giveaway!  Electrokite provided 4 copies of each app for me to give away!!  Enter below!!  Good luck!