eSkills Minimod: Reading for Details

Are you ever wondering how can you use reading comprehension apps for speech therapy?  You can work on vocabulary, sequencing, recalling, auditory comprehension and more!  I have been loving the eSkills series for this purpose!  The developers were generous to provide me a copy to review and giveaway to one lucky reader!

You can use this app for individual sessions or with a group of students at the same level.  This app is designed to be used with 3 different reading levels.  You can use practice mode where you select the amount of questions to be presented.  Students will be presented with a short story (about a paragraph long).  Then they will be presented with a question which requires recalling of details.


The game is the same format.  But added to it is a BINGO board.  For each correct response, students can mark a spot on the board.  Once they get 5 in a row, they win!

Once you open the app, you will be prompted to provide your email address to receive score reports which is always a great feature!

Note, if you do not enter an email address, a score report will not be generated.

Things I like about this app:
-The motivating stories: Ramen noodles, jet skis, crayons, etc.
-A fun way to work on a boring skill
-Ability to work with multiple users
-Score reporting feature
-3 different reading levels
-Easy to use

Things I recommend:
-I recommend using graphic organizers to teach students to take notes while reading/listening to help with recall
-Provide strategies so students know what to look for: who, what, where, when, why
-Encourage students to click “back to passage” if they get incorrect responses to look again at the story for correct answer

This app is available in a lite version for $3.99 check it out!

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