My Favorite Free iPad Apps To Use In Speech Round Up!

Free?!  Yes, you can work on tons of speech and language skills in a fun way using free iPad apps!  Here are my favorites!

Need more apps for your speech therapy? This post shares a round-up of my favorite free iPad apps. Click through to learn about them and watch videos!

I have blogged and Periscoped a ton over the last year about free iPad apps.  I find them, I try them out, and let you know which ones are worth trying with your speech students.  My goal = fun and functional!  Below is a round up of my favorites.  This list will continue to grow as I research and try more and more!

Doodle Buddy:

I just love this free app!  This app can be used to work on ANY speech and language skill.  You can take screen shots of worksheets, make tic tac toe games, create scenes, and so much more.  You can design things for your students to do or your students can create things on their own as part of the activity.  Click HERE to grab this app off iTunes.  Click HERE to see my full blog post on this app! Want to see it in use?  Watch the video below!

Chatterpix Kids:

This app is so much fun.  You can take photos with this app and make them animated and talk.  You can use screen shots of images from storybooks to bring books to life!  Use this app to practice articulation sounds, fluency strategies, or even complete utterances.  Work on story retell or conversational skills.  Build vocabulary and describe while adding stickers and backgrounds to your images.  Learn about this free app on iTunes by clicking HERE!  Want to see how I used this app during St. Patrick's Day?  Watch the video below!


Yes!  This commonly used app for making collages for Instagram can be used in your speech room!  Go on hunts for speech sounds, take photos of essential pictures in a storybook, and have your students make collages!  Let them be creative!  Feel free to use Google Images to have students find images with their articulation sounds or categories.  Click HERE to see my full blog post on using this app.  Want to learn more?  Watch my video below!


This app is so much fun. You can turn text into music.  Write anything!  Write sentences with articulation sounds, write complete utterances with proper grammatical structures, retell a story, ask/answer questions, ANYTHING!  Your students will love turning text into music!

Motivate Speech and Language Students with Music: Use this free app to turn all activities into music!

Want to read my full blog post on this app?  Click HERE!  Watch my video on this app below!


This app is so fun.  Do you know Snapchat and it's filters?  You can use the concept of filters without the social media aspect with this app.  Students can record themselves “wearing” these filters and can play the various roles.  There are emotions, characters, and actions.  Have them create stories, make movies, have fun!  They can retell stories in a funny way.  Students can even face swap! Click HERE to learn more about this app.


I love using this app!  This app is so much fun!  You can browse for audio clips (or download your own but that takes time) and make a video to go with it.  Students can pretend they are the voices of their favorite movie/TV characters.  Have you seen The Dabbling Speechie's blog post on using this app?  Click HERE to read it!

This list will continue to grow as I learn and play around with more and more iPad apps.  I have several ones in the works already!  I will be broadcasting about these apps on Periscope and Facebook live to make sure you catch the live broadcasts on them if you want to be the first to know!  I will also keep you posted on social media if this blog post gets additions!