Feed the Swimmer File Folder Activities! (great for students with Autism, expanding utterance length, and more!)

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Are you LOVING my “feed the…” file folder activities?  I have added a brand new one with a summer theme since I know many of you work with a population that can benefit from this one over the summer for ESY.

Students will have fun feeding the swimmer and working on following directions, answering questions, summer vocabulary, categorization, expanding utterance length and more!

Students can follow step by step directions to complete the tasks provided.

Easy to assemble and use!

Two follow up activities provided to be used with the “food” pieces.

Tons of sentence strips provided to encourage expanded utterance length.

Review worksheets provided that can be used as homework or after the activity.

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!

Have my “feed the…” bundle?! It has been added!  Redownload it to grab this one FREE!!