Fluency Pack!!

I recently went to a workshop to get some tips and ideas to address stuttering.  As SLPs (especially those working in the schools), it can be overwhelming to address this area sometimes.  I have a new student on my caseload that has a stutter and I was unsure of where to begin.  This workshop was exactly what I needed!  I definitely recommend seeking workshops in your area!

After being refreshed on the strategies, I knew I had to make an activity pack for you!

This pack is filled with activities, checklists, and worksheets that help address the various areas of fluency treatment.

Fluency BINGO!
My Conversation BINGO was such a hit that I decided to make a fluency bingo that would elicit conversations about emotions and feelings behind stuttering and communication in general.  I tried to hit as many as possible!  It is extremely important to tap into the emotional piece when working on fluency.  Many topics can be difficult to discuss or even bring up.  This activity can do it for you!  This activity comes with 5 BINGO boards and calling cards.  The calling cards match the pieces on the BINGO cards.  Once question is answered or statement is completed, students can place a BINGO chip on the spot.


Fluency Checklist:
This can be completed by a teacher to help them consider all the pieces of stuttering.  This can be used as a pre-referral tool or to assess progress.


My Thoughts:
This worksheet addresses a student's feelings about own stuttering.


Self Appreciation:
It is important for students that have a stutter to recognize that their stuttering is only one part of them.  It is important to boost self-esteem and discuss things they are good at.

Fluency Practice Game:
Now it is time to practice speech strategies!  I created a fun board game and question cards to elicit sentences to practice with!


My Lock & Key:
When I asked my student to explain what happens when he has a block, he used the analogy of a lock and key!  How brilliant!?!  He inspired me to create this fun worksheet to discuss words/phrases that the student gets stuck on.  This can be laminated and used as a visual to remind students to use strategies as a key to get through the block.  It is important for students to recognize when and how they get stuck.
Fluency Bookmarks:

I took the most common strategies (in my opinion) and created a bookmark for students.  This way they have their strategies on them at all times!

I hope these activities can be useful in your therapy rooms.  I also hope my explanation gave you some ideas!  Access this pack by clicking here! How do you work with fluency clients/students?!  I would LOVE ideas!!  I have some app and product reviews coming soon!  Stay tuned!
Now, did you know that MONDAY is International Stuttering Day!?!  Visit National Stuttering Association for information and ideas about that!