Following Directions Fun Deck App!

It's that time again!

Super Duper Summer App Review Series from Speech Time Fun!!!

Since I am always looking for activities that work on auditory processing and following directions, I am reviewing next: The Following Directions Fun Deck App!

This app is just like Super Duper's Fun Deck, with 52 cards that work on simple and complex directions.  Just like all of Super Duper's apps, you can work with several students at once!  Just move the tab on top with the students' names to switch!  Also just like their other apps, you can choose to work with all 52 cards or select the ones you want to use!

I was working with a student I am seeing for summer services.  Since it was my first time working with him, I chose to pick one of each type directive and ranging in complexity.  It helped for sharing with you as well!  I felt this was a great way to assess his level and to create a plan for future sessions.

One word, one step direction.  Very simple.

Longer in length, still a simple directive.

Encouraging verbal responses.  Requires more processing.

More abstract.  Promotes pretend play skills.

As you can see above, there are a variety of directives!  To get the voice output, the student, or you, can touch the picture.  Touch and drag to the left to move to the next card.  You can score by touching green for correct, and red for incorrect.  You can even go back and retry the incorrect responses!  The app doesn't just stop when you have used all cards.

You get a score report when you go back to the home page.  Just note, this report is only saved for that activity.  Once you play again, the report is lost!  So email it to yourself!!

Things I like about this app:

-Varies in complexity
-Ability to work with multiple users
-Score reporting and emailing
-Easy to use
-Ability to retry incorrect responses
-Can pick and choose which cards you want to use for each student

Things I Would Change:
-Ability to email list of actual correct and incorrect responses
-A visual of correct responses presented after directive for student to compare/self correct
-More multi-step directives with complex language such as sequencing words: touch nose then touch floor

Suggestions the developers provided:
-You can present multiple cards to get more complex and longer directives.

Want to learn more?  Check out Super Duper's Website!  All their apps are $1.99!

Are you wondering: “how can I use this app in therapy?” “my students cannot follow directions now what?” “I keep showing cards and it isn't helping!”  I got you covered!  I find these students need visual supports.

 I created a visual aid that is ready for 1, 2, and 3 step directives.  I think it is important for students to remember to listen for “what” “where” and “how.” Those are their key words to listen for! That is why I put that visual on the top.  I have students tap the boxes as they hear the direction.  This way they recognize on own how many steps.  Yes in therapy we might tell them ahead of time, but in the classroom or elsewhere it isn't told ahead of time!  Grab your copy to use with Super Duper's Following Directions Fun Deck App here!  Please comment if you grab this free download!