Fun Finds!! (fun new games for my speech room and how I plan to use them!)

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I am always browsing for fun new ideas to add to my speech room.  I hate for my students to see the same games and materials over and over.  I like to browse local stores, dollar stores, Target, Amazon, and Zulily.  What is Zulily?  It is a website and app that has daily deals.  You can grab great products at great discounts but you have to check daily for these deals.  Yes, it is impulse buys sometimes because you don't want to miss out on the deals but I have found some great products for my classroom (as well as home products, children's clothing, and more!).  Anyway, back to my blog post!  I found these two games on Zulily.  At the bottom of this post I have included Amazon links on how you can find these games!

Can you tell buy the title of these games how they are perfect for speech?!!??!  I saw them and knew I had to get them and knew that I could probably modify the way the games were played to meet my needs!

What's In The Fridge?
This adorable game has a two sided fridge image.  Keep the fridge “open” and place all the food items face down.  Give out the food mats, one to each student (there are 4 included).  Students take turns flipping over a food item in the fridge, if they have it on their mat they can take it and add it to their mat.

Watch out for the moldy food!  The directions say that if they get the moldy food they have to dump all of their food back but there are so many other ways you can use the mold!


  • If a student picks the mold, they must answer a question or do some other “speechie” task
  • If a student picks the mold, they lose a turn
  • If a student pick the mold, they must name another item that could go on their mat
  • And more!
Do you see above the different mats?  Um…hello categories and associations!  Each mat has a food item and the pieces underneath it are the ingredients or toppings that go with it.
As you can see, you can easily address the following speech goals:
  • answering questions
  • categorization and association
  • turn taking
  • prepositions
  • cause/effect (what causes the mold? what was the effect of keeping the butter in the fridge?)
Gone Shopping
Again…you can tell by the title how this can be great! Another activity that is “life skills.”  This one takes a little bit more “prep” but it really doesn't take long.  Each shopping “item” comes in 2 forms – one with a colored background and one with a while background.  The colored backgrounds match the “stores.”  Take those pieces, sort them into the stores and then place them face down.  Do this  yourself so your students don't know which item is where.  Then take the white background pieces and place them face down on your table.  Give each student a “list” board.  Students can take turns picking pieces to add to their “lists.”  Now you are ready to play!

Students can take turns picking a store to go shopping in and flipping over an item.  If they have it on their boards, they can claim it as if they shopped for it.  Keep going until all items in each store were found.

Goals to be addressed:

  • Categorization
  • Answering questions
  • Turn taking
  • Matching
  • Same/different
  • What else would you buy there?
  • Pretend play
  • Vocabulary of each of the stores as well as money and shopping
  • and more!
As you can see, I am so excited about these new items!  I cannot wait to see how much my students will learn because of them!
Want to find them on Amazon??  Click below!
Disclaimer:  This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.