Groovy Grammar

I was looking through IEPs of my students I have on my caseload this year.  I noticed that many of them have syntax goals.  I found adorable graphics on Scrappin Doodles that I had to use in a fun way to target these goals!  I placed this download on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) for a reasonable price!

What does it work on?  It works on regular and irregular noun and verb tenses!  I think it is important for students to understand and recognize the difference between regular (“don't change”) and irregular (“change”).  I created sorting cards that you can glue and laminate onto file folders or just cut the pieces and sort on a table.


I love using matching cards for memory and go fish (if you have not noticed)!  My students love games!  I created matching cards for each form (regular plurals, irregular plurals, regular past tense verbs, and irregular past tense verbs).  Can your students express the matches they need to find?  Can they identify when they have found matches?  I used different graphics for each to help with grabbing quickly!  If you store all the materials in a large envelope or zip lock, it helps when the graphics are similar to store using rubber bands.


Last, one way to assess if students truly understand is by combining and making students express all the different forms.  Can they identify if its regular or irregular?  You may give them the prompting they require: “do we change it?”  You may need to provide choices for some.  Keep playing the game and assess if their ability to respond improves!

I hope you love this activity pack as much as I do!  Let me know what you think!  You can access it here!