Guess The Leprechaun

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Since my “Guess the Groundhog” was such a hit with my students, I created one for St. Patrick's Day.  Students will be provided with a copy of the “Guess the Leprechauns” sheet that I laminated.  Students will pick a shamrock (maybe out of my “pot of gold”).  I will read the poem to them.  They will be required to attend using “whole body listening” and listen for key words (color, clothing, actions).  We will make a list of these describing key words and have them on the dry erase board for all to see!  Students will take turns responding aloud with the number of the Leprechaun being described.  Then we will have a dialogue about how that was the answer.

As a review, I have seen numerous “draw the leprechaun” freebie worksheets floating around the Internet and Pinterest.  I will probably have my students draw their own leprechaun and then use describing key words to describe them!

Auditory comprehension, describing, expanding utterances, theme vocabulary, turn taking….so many targets in one!  Grab your Guess the Leprechaun HERE

What goals are you working on in your speech rooms?!  Feel free to comment!


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