Halloween Fun! (How I am using some TpT products, freebies, finds, and more in my speech room this week!)

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We are having a BLAST in my speech room this week.  With SO many fun Halloween TpT finds and more, my kiddos don't want to leave! (no joke, had to kick out a group today!)  Keep reading to see what I've found and how I'm using it!

I found these fun toy bats for $2 at CVS a couple weeks ago.  We had fun playing with them after we read, “The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat.”

How did we use it?

  • Followed directions and worked on prepositions!  We put the bats in all sorts of funny places around the speech room.
  • Retold the story using the bats.
I used my Mr. Jack-o-lantern Mustache You A Question activity with my fun cauldron I got a local dollar store.
My students had fun taking turns picking a card out of the cauldron.  We were working on answering  using complete sentences using my POQ (part of question) strategy.  As a follow up activity, we colored by WH Questions with my Color By WH Questions Worksheets for the Year pack.
Some of  my students worked on using context clues to determine the definitions of unknown age-appropriate vocabulary words using my Wicked Word Fun.  My students worked hard figuring out the answers and then express how they knew by identifying the clue they used.  By the way, I made some improvements on this one I know you will LOVE!
I got this cute monster lunch bag from the dollar spot section at Target.  I filled it with my Monsters Main Idea cards.  My students had fun picking a card out of the monster before expressing their main ideas.  It just made the game so much more fun!
We also colored witch's hats after we responded to WH questions using my Super Duper fun deck you can learn about by clicking HERE.  Thanks to The Speech Attic for this worksheet.
Last but not least, we made witch's hats!!  I found the idea on Pinterest, I cannot take credit for it!  We had fun following directions, working on prepositions, answering questions, taking turns, requesting, and more!
I made a SIMILAR version of this recipe sheet for you as a FREEBIE in my TpT store!!  You can access it by clicking HERE!  (Had to make it a bit differently to share due to copyright policies!)
I hope you got some ideas to bring to your speech rooms for the rest of this week!! Happy Halloween!