Halloween Parts of Speech Activity Pack!

When teaching vocabulary and grammar, it is important that students can recognize, understand and use the parts of speech.  That's why I created a fun Halloween themed activity pack filled with practice opportunities!

Using tons of graphics I purchased from ScrappinDoodles, this activity pack helps students work on pronouns, nouns, verbs, and adjectives!

Four pronoun cards are provided with sentence strips.  There are object cards provided for students to decide which pronoun should “possess” each item.  They must use the sentence strip to describe what the “pronoun” has.



A follow up activity?  Can students use the possessive pronoun to describe?  There is a follow-up worksheet included to help with review/homework.
One great way to teach nouns is by helping students understand that it includes a person, place, or thing.  What better way to practice this by having students help witches make potions and sort items into the correct cauldron?!


You can have students sort the pictures or the words presented (no they aren't the same in case you wanted to use it 2 different ways.  There is also a practice worksheet included for further practice/homework.

Verbs:  There is a card game to have students practice expressing past tense verbs.  Each card has present tense.  When the card is drawn, the student must name the past tense.  Can they determine if it is regular or irregular?  You can also make them just name that for a start!  If the student picks the “Happy Halloween” card, they can get an extra turn!  The student with the most cards at the end is the winner!  There is also a practice matching worksheet at the end of the activity!

Adjectives:  There are 8 trick or treating bags with adjectives on them.  Students must sort the various Halloween nouns and place them into the correct bag.  Can they use more than 1 adjective to describe each noun?  Can they think of more on their own that can go into the bag?  There is also a practice worksheet!


Finally, there is another worksheet included to be used once students comprehend all parts of speech.  A word is provided and students must write if it is a noun, verb, or adjective.  This is a great way to assess progress and understanding.

This activity pack is available at my TpT store.  I hope you can find this one useful!!  Let me know what you think!