Halloween Wh- Board Game (Freebie)

As you can tell, I have pulled out all of my Halloween themed materials!  I love this holiday and incorporating it into my therapy sessions. My students are motivated by it which is enough reason for me!

One group I work with is working on wh- questions so I created my popular wh- board game with a Halloween theme.  Can the students get the trick-or-treaters to the candy by answering questions about Halloween?!

All you have to do is print and laminate.  I like to laminate onto a file folder for more durability and I also add visual cues onto the folder for easy visual cues.

There are two ways you can play:

  • Have student land on each square and answer every question until they get to the finish
  • Use a dice or spinner to play

You will need some game pieces and a dice/spinner.  Don't have spare?  You can “borrow” from another board game!

Grab this freebie here!!