HAPPY BHSM!! Yes/No Barn App review & giveaway!

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It is May!!  It is almost summer and it is our month baby!!  I have many things in store to celebrate SLPs throughout this month.  To start….Smarty Ears Apps has done it again…they have created another great app and they have been SUPER generous to provide me with a copy to try out so I can share with you AND another to giveaway!!

To begin…add your players.  You can import from Therapy Report Center.  Love this quick and easy way to add your students and keep all of their score reports in one location.  In this app, you can add a name and a photo which is just fun (and also helpful if you have 2 students with the same name..I know I have tons of Justin's and Anthony's!).

You can easily adjust the settings to meet your needs.  You can select the types of questions asked (basic, look and answer, fact based, variable, compare, and questions about a scene).  You can also decide if you want just text, audio, or both.  I always like to have both for my emerging readers, nonreaders, and those visual/auditory learners.  You can ALSO select the language…um HI bilingual SLPs!!

Now it is time to play.  Students are presented with a picture and a yes/no question.  They have to select one of the adorable ducks to respond.  If they get it wrong, it tells they “no, try again.”  I love that they can correct themselves and it gives a time for “learning from mistakes.”

I love it that some questions are situational.  It also gives you as SLPs an opportunity to tell the app if they are correct or not!


This app is multiplayer and you can tell easily which student's turn it is because that student's name will be listed first.  Each student has a score next to their names.

At any time, you can hit the “done” button to end the activity.  To see the student's report card just tap on their name.

I love all of the information it gives!  You can easily share the information via email.

It even has a protection so students cannot easily press that button and send random emails.  SMARTY EARS THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING!!

You can always access the reports from the main page as well.  I love how this app does an item analysis.  This way you can just work on one type the next time you use this app or create lessons to address that specific skill.

The barn theme is adorable and so motivating.  The animal sounds are just fun!

Learn more about this by visiting their WEBSITE or ITUNES.

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