Have You Filled A Bucket Today Companion Pack!

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Many have requested more book packs and social skills activities.  I took both ideas, went through my book library, and decided my next companion pack should be for the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud.


This book is often used by classroom teachers and I started using it in my therapy room several years ago.  There are so many great goals that can be addressed with this book!

In this file:
-Opposites Matching Cards: There are several opposites mentioned in the story.  There are also several words used that have an opposite.  Use the matching cards to review the story vocabulary through drilling, review, and memory matching games.




-Comprehension Questions:  Use the question cards with the board game provided to review the story and to work on recall, answering questions, and comprehension.
-Verb Tenses Sentence Game:  Each card contains a verb from the story in either the past, present, or future tense.  As a student selects a card from a pile, they must determine the tense of the verb used.  Once they respond accurately, they can hold onto the card.  If they pick the “happy” card, they get an extra turn.  If they pick a “sad” card, they lose a turn.  The student at the end with the most cards is the winner.
-Bucket Filler Vs. Bucket Dipper: Practice social skills and understanding of the story by sorting the actions on the cards into the correct category.
-Bucket Following Directions:  Print and laminate the page with the bucket for each student.  Print the “object” card page and laminate.  You can print a copy for each student or have them share (great for social skills).  Use each direction card to provide instructions for students.  Concepts included: on, over, under, next to, top, and bottom.
-Writing Activity:  Pretend to write a note to your teacher.  What can you say so you can fill a bucket?  What do you need to write a letter?
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