Holiday Listening for Details!

Many have requested a holiday themed listening for details packet.  You asked, I answered!

This is a fun-filled activity packet!  What is inside?!

Color the Ugly Sweater:
Color the Ugly Sweater!  Students will listen for clues to know which sweater is being described.  Then students can color the sweater the colors used in description.

Listening Board Game:
Students will roll dice and move along the board game.  On the place they land is a number (1-4).  That number will indicate how many items they must recall from the sentences heard.  Then students will hear the sentences and express their responses.  Another way to play,  students must listen to the card and recall all 4 items.  Then they can roll the dice to move along the game board.  The spot they land on has a point value.  Use a piece of paper or dry erase board to jot down all the points students receive and add them up at the end to determine a winner!


Listening For Key Elements Card Game:
Students will pick a card.  They will listen for the key elements and answer questions requiring them to recall the key elements.  If the student picks the “Next Stop North Pole” card, they get an extra turn!  Student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

Menorah Memory Game:
Each menorah card will have a sentence with an adjective.  Students can play memory or go fish with these cards.  They must find or ask for a match.  Once they have a pair of matching adjectives, they must recall the noun was described with that adjective.

Dreidel Directions:
Students will pick a card and follow the “If…then” directions on them.  Each card has a point value.  At the end of the game, students can add up their points to determine a winner!

 “The Holiday Party”:
Short story to work on listening for details.  A graphic organizer and sequencing cards are provided to assist students in recalling key elements and the sequence of events.  Comprehension task cards are provided which can be used with any motivating game/activity.




You can access this download at my TpT store!!

I decided to create a supplemental download which is a freebie!

What is under the tree?
Use this fun holiday themed freebie to practice listening skills.  The tree is blank so that students can decorate it as a reward for identifying the items.  Students can listen to the clues and use the picture choices to identify what will go under the tree.  Once they determine, they can place it under the tree and decorate the tree for Christmas!

Grab this freebie here!