Holiday Speech Sounds!

My Halloween Speech Sounds activity was such a hit that I decided to create a similar one for the holidays!  Introducing, Holiday Speech Sounds!

How does it work?  Well you would print and laminate the gingerbread house.  You can attach it to a tissue box so that the door is covering the hole where the tissues come out of.  Cut the door on three sides to make a flap.  Lay the tissue box on its side.  All set and ready to go!!

Now all you would have to do is print and laminate the gingerbread cards for the articulation target sounds you need for your students.  The students can practice saying their sounds and then put the gingerbread into the house.



only: g, s blends, v,
r blends, l blends

and final: s, ch, sh, f

final, and medial: k, l, r, and th.



Have students with other goals as well?  Other goals you can address with this activity:

  • Prepositions “in the house”
  • Wh- questions: “Where is the gingerbread?”  “Who is in the house?”  “What does the gingerbread say?”
  • Turn-taking

I hope you find this activity fun and useful!!  You can grab this activity at my TpT store!